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BlackBerry Messenger - BBM™ 7.0.1 now gives you the freedom to chat with your friends the way you want. Seamlessly switch from a BBM conversation to a BBM Voice chat and talk to your friends, virtually wherever they are in the world, for free over Wi-Fi. Stay in touch like never before with BlackBerry® Messenger.

BlackBerry Messenger

New on the latest version of BBM:
•BBM Voice now available for BlackBerry OS 5 users - Talk or text, the choice is yours. BBM Voice connects you to friends in an instant, directly from a BBM chat screen. (BBM Voice might not be supported in all regions or device versions. Visit our BBM support page below for more details.)

•BlackBerry ID Integration (optional) – Simplifies OS and device upgrades. Device switches are as simple as entering your BlackBerry ID when you first open BBM, and your BBM profile, contacts and groups are instantly available on your new device.

1. Both users require BlackBerry OS 5 or higher, data plan and Wi-Fi connection for BBM Voice chat. Please check with your service provider for availability and restrictions.
2. If you haven’t associated your BBM contacts with a BlackBerry ID, please back up your contact list by displaying the menu within BlackBerry Messenger - Options - Back Up before downloading. (Available for users of BBM 5.0 and above).
3. Please ensure that you are using RIM or network approved BlackBerry® Device Software to avoid compatibility issues that may result in loss of the BBM icon.
4. After installing the new version of BBM, restart your device. For technical support with BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), visit For billing issues and technical support options related to App World only, please visit

BlackBerry Messenger v.

BlackBerry Messenger v. Voice Chat

BlackBerry Messenger v. New Smiley

File Size: 5.68 MB
Required: 5.0.0 or higher

This is Official Version, No Need Key / TIDAK Membutuhkan Keycode ^^

Download BBM
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OS 5.0
OS 6.0
OS 7.0
OS 7.1


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